A little about me.

I currently work at Eardrum, Sydney. But I didn’t always work in advertising.

After film school, I got my start working as a clapper loader (that guy who bangs the sticks together and yells “take one!”) and was fascinated with the ideas behind the commercials I was working on. So back to school I went, completing a Bachelor of Business and finishing 2nd at Award School. 

My Art Director, Carl Robertson, and I won a Silver Lion in the Cannes Young Lions FILM Competition. Now, I'm stoked with my shiny Silver Lion, but for 32 minutes and 19 seconds, we thought we'd won Gold – before discovering we'd been "Miss Universed" and wrongly announced as winning. You can read all about it on Campaign Brief

I also won the 8-month long Young Glory advertising competition with my Award School partner Kieran Adams – where we pitched one of our winning ideas to Sir Richard Branson in Montreal and made him ROFL. But that's a story for another day.
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